I really enjoyed this place. The food tasted fresh, the ambiance was modern yet warm and welcoming. I shared the quinoa cakes with my bf and it delicious. It’s nice finding a place that will do something new with quinoa.
I joined yelp just to write a review of this place. I have a severe peanut allergy and often times I will order something from a restaurant and find that the dish I ordered is smothered with my arch nemesis. But Panca clearly labels their dishes containing peanuts on their menu and our waitress was kind enough to point out the dishes containing peanuts. Cheers for being thoughtful!
-Farrah L.


We just recently visited this restaurant. Great food — especially if you like chicken! The staff are very friendly and accommodating. My friends and I all had different dishes and everyone of them was delicious. They also give generous portion. Great for a night family outing. I will definitely come back and bring friends to taste this wonderful Peruvian cuisine!
– Marta W


Chicharron sandwich, homemade fresh-cut fries, homemade Aji sauce and mayo, magical shortbread cookies filled with Dulce de Leche. This place is great, don’t miss it hidden in a little strip mall in Oceanside. My whole family loved it and we’ll be back.
-Ward A


I have to start by explaining that I am half Peruvian and my mom was a really great cook. Its the first time I have come across a Peruvian restaurant that offers Carapulcra, Aji de Gallina and Seco. Most places have the fufu stuff like Ceviche and the seafood soups, but the real home cooking are the dishes I mentioned, along with lomo saltado. I was impressed with the cute ambiance and the portions were just right. The waitress, Chelsea was friendly and accommodating. The kids and hubby loved the rotisserie chicken. One tip: don’t leave without trying the garlic mayo sauce.
-Lisette W


WOW! Truly exceptional food…beautiful, tasty, and plentiful…seemed very authentic, too. Had the Cerviche (5 stars); Tiradito (4.5 stars) and Anticuchos (5 stars) to start…so many good things to choose from…can’t wait to go back. The 2 types of Peruvian beer were really good, too.
-John H


Great food and fast service. Be sure to try the quinoa cakes: they are amazing!! So are the owners-always attentive and they greet you the minute you walk in. Love this place!
-Roya A


Delicious! I love Peruvian chicken and it was spot on.
-Juliana Z


We had great, friendly service and the food was FANTASTIC! I cannot wait to come back again and again. As an appetizer, we ordered the ceviche and quinoa cakes. The ceviche was so good. Definitely flavorful, lots of fresh lime flavor. I have never had a ceviche quite like this one, it was not what I was expecting. It had sweet potato, thin red onion, red snapper fish, Peruvian corn (outside tastes like corn and inside tastes like potato), corn nut like things, and a lime marinade. The flavor reminded me a lot of boiling crab’s whole shebang marinade. The quinoa cakes were also good, very crispy. I can’t eat quinoa, so I only took a small bite. I ordered the vegetarian sandwich with fries and it was amazing. The fries are identical to In-n-out’s, but with a thicker cut. The ciabatta bread the sandwich came on was fresh and soft. The veggies were sauteed just perfectly. For dessert, I had the carmel creme brulee. It was ridiculous and I savored every single bite. It definitely earned a spot in my top 3 favorite desserts. So good! Glad to have found this gem!
-Rward R.